Women’s Team

Women’s Walk #52 Team
October 21-24, 2021


Judy RothLay DirectorPerseverance
Jacque CollinsSpiritual DirectorMeans of Grace
Assistant Spiritual Director
Sarah RockExperienced ALDFourth Day
Christina MatthewAssistant Lay DirectorPriority
Tasha AndersonAssistant Lay Director
Betsy BergerExperienced Logistics
Connie McCabeLogistics
Lorraine GroteMusic Director
Austie AukerAssistant Music Director
Betsy Berger
Connie McCabe
Deb Gutheil
Board Representative
Karen DuncanTable LeaderPriesthood of All Believers
Dawn ShepherdTable LeaderChanging Our World
Amy DenlingerTable LeaderDiscipleship
Kathy GragoraceTable LeaderChristian Action
Trisha FeitshansTable LeaderLife of Piety
Barb BakerTable LeaderBody of Christ
Becky StraitTable LeaderGrowth Through Study
Brittany MeltonAssistant Table Leader
Allison DillAssistant Table Leader
Patti CheadleAssistant Table Leader
Jessica FrechAssistant Table Leader
Phyllis MillerAssistant Table Leader
Jan ThatcherAssistant Table Leader
Ruby LutzAssistant Table Leader
Assistant SDJustifying Grace
Assistant SDObstacles to Grace
Patty SpencerLogistics
Kim KlipstineLogistics4th Day Experience