Agape Reminders

  • 35 pieces Pilgrim only
  • 65 pieces Pilgrim and Team only
  • 25 pieces Team only
  • Pilgrims receive personal agape ONLY in Sunday Packets
  • Team receives personal bedtime, before talk and Sunday Packet agape
    Don’t forget to write to Clergy, especially for before talks
  • Pilgrim agape should be no larger than a 10” x 13” envelope will allow. If you have items such as books, T-shirts or pictures, please wait until after the Closing and give it to them personally
  • Use first and last name. Mark “Pilgrim” or “Team” in left hand corner of the envelope.
  • The Pilgrims don’t get any agape on Thursday night or Friday morning at breakfast.
  • If Team bedtime, please be sure to write Thursday, Friday or Saturday bedtime.
  • Bring agape to the Agape Room between Thursday evening and Saturday evening (BEFORE Candlelight Service) of each Walk.
  • The agape that is brought in is for the TEAM and PILGRIMS ONLY. Unless you are on the Walk, please don’t take any agape unless you have permission from the person who brought it in. If you bring agape for the Pilgrims only, please clearly mark it PILGRIMS ONLY agape.
  • The agape is distributed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It starts small and builds up to a lot at Sunday lunch. If you bring more than nine items, please don’t be upset if more than one item is given in a day.
  • Please put your name and phone number on your agape.

Thank You for being a supportive Community!