Women’s Walk 51 team being formed

God is working with His faithful servants as they are forming team members for the upcoming Women’s Walk 51. The walk will take place Oct. 17-20. While the team is being assembled, please take time to pray about someone that really needs this walk.



Emmaus Community needs your help

Friends…This is YOUR Emmaus Community. It cannot operate on the efforts of a few. Though the Board is small in number, they have been given the authority to make difficult decisions on your behalf. They cannot build or maintain this community on their own. We need your help. When your walk weekend ended, your commitment to the community did not. Your presence is needed at Gatherings and during subsequent walk weekends. Your witness is needed to bring others to desire to experience God’s grace in their lives through their own walk. Your efforts are needed to help the community grow through fundraisers and donations. With monthly Gatherings of 25-30 people and help hard to find during walk weekends, we are in dire straits. Our bank account is seriously depleted. Without your help, our future is uncertain. Continue reading