Men’s Team

Men’s Walk #39 Team

April 25-28, 2024

Tracey MartinLay DirectorPerseverance
Rick GutheilSpiritual DirectorMeans of Grace
Jim MorehouseAssistant Spiritual DirectorObstacles to Grace
Mike BowersExperienced ALD
Dan CunninghamExperienced ALD
Jeffrey FeitshansAssistant Lay DirectorChristian Action
Bob MorrowAssistant Lay DirectorLife in Piety
Todd MatthewExperienced Logistics
Chad BungerLogistics
Chase SimmermanLogistics
Zach YeagyLogistics
Jayce FeitshansMusic Director
Scott ClarkAssistant Music Director
Keith BergerBoard Representative
Travis PrintzTable LeaderBody of Christ
Jim MannTable LeaderChanging Our World
Mark LutzTable LeaderPriority
Jesse JaynesTable LeaderFourth Day
Larry GrieshopTable LeaderGrowth Through Study
Joel SprinkleTable LeaderPriesthood of All Believers
Eric HesterAssistant Table Leader*Discipleship
David AngiAssistant Table Leader
Greg SpencerAssistant Table Leader
Rick GroveAssistant Table Leader
Steve GarberAssistant Table Leader
Allen KeaserAssistant Table Leader
Doug BakerClergyPrevenient Grace
Keith SmallenbargerClergyJustifying Grace
Larry DuncanClergySanctifying Grace