Agape Reminders

  • 35 pieces Pilgrim only
  • 65 pieces Pilgrim and Team only
  • 25 pieces Team only
  • Pilgrims receive personal agape ONLY in Sunday Packets
  • Team receives personal bedtime, before talk and Sunday Packet agape
    Don’t forget to write to Clergy, especially for before talks
  • Pilgrim agape should be no larger than a 10” x 13” envelope will allow. If you have items such as books, T-shirts or pictures, please wait until after the Closing and give it to them personally
  • Use first and last name. Mark “Pilgrim” or “Team” in left hand corner of the envelope.
  • The Pilgrims don’t get any agape on Thursday night or Friday morning at breakfast.
  • If Team bedtime, please be sure to write Thursday, Friday or Saturday bedtime.
  • Bring agape to the Agape Room between Thursday evening and Saturday evening (BEFORE Candlelight Service) of each Walk.
  • The agape that is brought in is for the TEAM and PILGRIMS ONLY. Unless you are on the Walk, please don’t take any agape unless you have permis-sion from the person who brought it in. If you bring agape for the Pilgrims only, please clearly mark it PILGRIMS ONLY agape.
  • The agape is distributed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It starts small and builds up to a lot at Sunday lunch. If you bring more than nine items, please don’t be upset if more than one item is given in a day.
  • Please put your name and phone number on your agape.


Thank You for being a supportive Community!