Women’s Team

Women’s Walk 48

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Annette SheppardLay DirectorPerseverance
Linda St. MyersSpiritual DirectorMeans of Grace
Cheryl PetersExperienced ALDFourth Day Example
Jan CollinsAssistant Lay DirectorFourth Day
Betsy ErwinAssistant Lay DirectorPriorities
Karen BrooksExperienced Logistics
Betsy GarberLogistics
Jenny CristLogistics
Jody ChristmanLogistics
Ruth SchweigertCo. Music Director
Alisa BeisnerCo. Music Director
Sue FramePrayer Servant
Tammy ClinePrayer Servant
Carla DetlingBoard Representative
Amie WyantTable LeaderPriesthood of All Believers
Shirley HarterTable LeaderLife in Piety
Jody HuffordTable LeaderDiscipleship
Elaine SnyderTable LeaderGrow Through Study
Teri SowinskiTable LeaderChristian Action
Debi SmithTable LeaderChanging Our World
Carolyn PhillipsTable LeaderBody of Christ
Chris MatthewAssistant Table Leader
Sherri SampsonAssistant Table Leader
Betsy HessonAssistant Table Leader
Allie DillAssistant Table Leader
Tasha AndersonAssistant Table Leader
Linda EnicksAssistant Table Leader
Deb DullAssistant Table Leader
Linda CrawfordInterpreter
Pastor Doug BakerAssistant SDPrevenient Grace
Pastor Terry CavanaughAssistant SDObstacles to Grace
Linda Dulin-MooreAssistant SDSanctifying Grace
Rush RodgersAssistant SDJustifying Grace